Up coming project

Up coming project

For a bit of fun, I decided to make this retro themed advert for my next project in the pipeline.

Things you find at a computer fair



Every month a computer fair is held here in Sheffield, handy if your after new inks for your printer or perhaps a new piece of hardware.


For me, it’s the second hand stuff that draws me in. Usually i dont see a thing, but on this occasion. I scored to AGP cards and a copy of Windows 98 Second Edition, all for the staggering price of £3!


BBC Micro’s And Blogging

While you might be forgiven for thinking the blogger of ByteMyVDU has nicked the complimentary soap and done a runner, the truth is, I’ve been burning the midnight oil and tinkering with old technology or as my family calls it “tat”.

WordWise Plus

WordWise Plus main menu

First on the agenda was the Amstrad NC100. It proved to be less a headache then I had expected, which resulted in last weeks blog being written on the 90’s notepad computer. In a later blog, I intend to do a more thorough break down of the system, as I only skimmed the surface, neglecting to cover the most important subject “file transfers”. How does one get files from the NC100 to, say, a home computer running Windows 7 or Vista? All shall be revealed.

In the mean time, I’d like the cover my recent adventures in to the 8Bit world of the BBC micro computer. “Retrogamer #101” did a section on this iconic computer which was pretty ironic, given how I’ve been playing around with said machine in only the past few weeks. Speaking as a Spectrum and C64 user, I always saw the Beeb as a school computer. If you owned one at home, that was just SAD! But how wrong I would have been. Okay, the Speccy and C64 held the gaming crown. A quick look over the library of BBC games will reveal no “Batman – Caped Crusader”, “Chase HQ” or “Jack The Nipper”. It is the BBC however, whom we have to thank for “Elite” which gave birth to a whole new game genre. This blog however isn’t to bash the poor Beeb for not being a gaming system, but to highlight it’s strengths.

Blogging on the Beeb

For productivity, the BBC holds it’s own and shines through as a big boys computer, making the other micros seem almost toy-like. Now, I grew up with a C64, my best friend had the Plus 2 Spectrum and then later the Amiga 500+. We were spoiled for choice. While I was at school I didn’t start using a computer for home work until owning the Amiga. The thought of using my C64 for anything else then games, never entered my mind. It was probably because it wasn’t a feature those machines where promoted for. I have since used a Spectrum +2 with a printer, both an dot matrix and LS-120.
Saving and loading from tape was a laborious activity and not something I enjoyed, even as a test back in 2007 to see if it could be done. So as a kid back in the late 80’s, early 90’s, I think it’s safe to say, I’d not have bothered 😛 I was a gamer, not an uber nerd like the kid from Wargames!

In my next issue, I’ll cover more on the BBC micro and what I’m doing with “Wordwise-Plus” and why I’m getting excited over a serial cable!