Picade, something worth getting excited over?

While I might not have been writing an awful lot over the past few months, that isn’t to say that the retro computer scene has not been rolling along happily.In an odd twist, the topic I’m posting about today is one I’m all to familiar with as I personally know the individuals behind it: Paul Beech and Jon Williamson from Pimoroni, the same guys who brought us the amazing Pibow case. These two nerds are at it once more and have come up with what is in my opinion, the coolest Raspberry Pi accessories to date. Step aside your SNES Laser gun and your 360 drum kit and make way for the Picade.


This little beastie comes in two flavours, mini and full. So depending on how much space you have, you can still engage in some vigorous joystick waggling (hey no puns!).
Just like the Pibow, the whole thing comes in kit form. Included is a construction manual, which will show you how to put the whole thing together in roughly and hour, with just a  screw driver and  a pair of pliers. If the Pibow is any indication, we can assume the Picade will be fairly simple to put together. Once the whole thing is complete the only other piece of kit you will need, will be your Rpi. Hook it up and start gaming like it’s 1989! Pacman anyone?


While I’ve yet to see one of these in action, I understand the performance is actually very reasonable, with the Rpi only faltering on the sound, which is a known issue with the Rpi and something that’s a work in progress as the drivers are developed.

With no word on prices yet, the Picade is sure to go down well with the Raspberry Pi community and Retro gamers alike.

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