ByteMyVdu is my attempt at recording all the random things I get up to with the computers. Over the years I’ve considered creating some form of repository to record all the various things I’ve either found out, worked out or generally fathomed. Many has there be a time where I have not been able to find the information I needed and instead I have been faced with tolling through forums, trying to find answers to problems I’ve had. With that in mind, I came to wonder if others like myself, would not benefit from this information being available on the web.

Should you be reading this after performing a search for something specific or just came across it by chance, welcome!

I would never go as far as to say I am a computer expert, more someone who naively laughs in the face of obscure technology and faces problems with the tenacity of a blood hound.


6 Comments on “About”

  1. Berg says:

    I’m very interested in some details of your Viglen Dossier 486, specifically the power brick. I got my hands on a hopefully working Viglen Dossier 486 sold under a different brand name onb the Norwegian marked, but I’ve got no power brick, so no power….. I know it has a four pin connector i have never seen before, and I want to improvise a sollution, but then i need the pinout and info. Since i don’t have the power brick, I’m completly in the dark. On the machines underside it says that it uses 20v 0.8A AND 18V 1.0A. Is that right? I would be very greatful for any info you can provide. Thanks.

    • heamogoblin says:

      Hi there

      I’m very sorry but I nolonger have the Viglen in my collection, I was unable to get it the darn thing working. So it’s gone to the big computer landfill in the sky. The truly annoying part is that I did keep the PSU for a time, before getting rid of it. I actually stood on it, which was akin to finding a stray bit of lego, only much larger.

      I hope you all the best with bringing the laptop back to life and I’m very sorry I’m unable to help this time.
      Forums such as Vintage Computer Forum, might prove helpful, someone might own the laptop you have.


      • Berg says:

        Thank you for replaying anyway! The mail notifying me of your reply got lost in the spam filter for some strange reason. Anyway, i actually managed to improvise a new PSU and connector from random junk, and has the computer up and running with DOS 6.22 and 4DOS. Already spent some hours playing old classics from sierra 🙂 Sorry to hear about your computer.. Hope you have better luck with other projects!

      • heamogoblin says:

        Glad you got it working! That is fantastic news! These seem to be a rare machine.

  2. nicoemus3 says:

    I have a Dell Insprion 4000 in great condition (barely used) and am interested in selling it. Any advice on where I should post?

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