Social Networking 286 Style


Hey everyone


Some time ago I mentioned doing an article about using the internet on a 286, well that is still the plan and hopefully you will see something soon. In the mean time, I have been busy playing around with my now revived PowerPC 8500. Working once more after well over a year, I’m enjoying playing games such as Total Annihilation, StarTrek Starfleet Academy. What is striking is the difference between my IBM desktop Pentium 133Mhz and the PowerPC. Both are roughly from about the same time period, around the mid 90’s. Yet the PowerMac is trashing the pants performance wise with the IBM. Which is surprising given the extent at which I have upgraded this vintage 90’s home computer. Had I owned this as a teenager, I would have been pleased to say the least!

Till the next blog, keep on geeking!





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