iPods, Laptops and Steam

Things have been a little quiet on BMv, but that isn’t to say I’ve not been busy behind the scenes tinkering away. Over the past few months I have revived a G3 iBook from the clutches of death, replaced the batteries in both a 1st Gen and 5th Gen iPod and repaired a friends Packard Bell EasyNote.

I’ve also been playing a sandbox game called “Space Engineers” which is available as alpha via the Steam network. This game is simply amazing, reducing any scifi nerd to standing in a pool of his own drool. The physics are brilliant, mirroring the real world quite well. “Space Engineers” is worth playing just to experience the collision fx, watching as your cruiser crumples and bulkheads sheer off as you plough head long into another ship or asteroid. Put simply, it is Minecraft for space nerds who have always wanted to build their own space cruiser. While still in alpha stage, we can only guess at how good it will get in the months to come. Frankly I’m salivating in eager anticipation, “Space Engineers” has the potential to be something very special.

Check out the trailer below to wet your appetite.



Over the last couple of months I have indulged in more gaming then normal, Kerbal Space Program, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and Star Trek online. Games I would highly recommend playing. I was lucky enough to nab both Kerbal and Euro Truck during the sales on Steam, money well spent in my opinion. I might sneak a review of both games here on BMV is I can tear myself away from them long enough.



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