News Update


First of all a belated Happy Halloween


I hope you all had a frightening time, with gouls, vampires and ever scary blue screen of death! Ugh even just mentioning it’s name sends a shiver up the spine..What ever you do, dont say it three times in a row, unless you wish your computer to crash, your hard drive to melt.

For the past few weeks I have been researching new material to place here on ByteMyVdu, one new feature will see episodes of MrVestek on BMV, covering a variety of subjects, such as video games, Linux and the Raspberry Pi.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Cameron Kaiser, project leader for TenFourFox, a port of Mozilla Firefox for PPC based Apple computers. We discussed how the project began, as well as the challenges he and the team faced while developing a modern browser for old PPC hardware.

iBook G3’s are one of those Apple products that you either love or hate. Plagued with problems, the iBook is remembered more for the notorious BGA video fault that saw a number of iBook owners file a class action lawsuit against Apple. While I swore never to touch another iBook, I recently found myself doing just that. In the next week I shall be covering the iBook, how to repair and perhaps prolong the life of these little computers.

S9920 otherwise known as a Samsung S3 mini clone from China, is slowly becoming very popular. Not surprising given it is half the price of a real S3 mini and for clone, still holds a decent hardware spec. I had recently bought one and discovered the good the bad and the ugly side to this doppelganger.




2 Comments on “News Update”

  1. MariaGPDS says:


    I also bought this phone and it actually worked pretty well for about 2-3 months but then its battery was dying too fast. I did an experience by using my friend´s Samsung i8190 Galaxy S3 Mini phone´s battery on my fake phone it was shown 7% full while on my friend´s phone the same battery I was shown as 30%. I was thinking of buying one of the Samsung galaxy battery models and see if it woul work but after this experience I am not sure if it will be worth. Do you or anybody have any idea what should I do in this manner?

    I really like this phone, I actually have Iphone 4s but the Samsung is better for me.

    Thanks in advance!

    Maria G.P.

    • heamogoblin says:

      Hi there, yes I do have experience in this matter. I swapped out the battery on my S9920 a week after it arrived. I recommend investing in an original i8190 1900mah or 2100mah battery. Using the internet sucks the battery dry on this device.

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