Amiga Yam Yahoo Fail

Not long ago I promised to take a look in to setting up Yahoo mail on an Amiga using YAM. How hard could it be? After all I had successfully synced my Gmail account on my A3000.

After spending the better part of a morning researching and testing various server settings. I ultimately had to admit defeat, it was true, yahoo had bested me. No matter how I tried, I could not get my mail to download and after digging some more online, it became clear why.

On April 24th, 2002 Yahoo ceased to offer POP access to its free mail service. Introducing instead a yearly payment feature, allowing users POP3 and IMAP server support, along with such benefits as larger file attachment sizes and no adverts.

As my yahoo email is a backup, this occurrence went by without me even noticing. Still I’m sorry to see Yahoo leaving its users to cough up for the privilege of accessing their mail. Though I guess it is understandable, when competing against rivals such as Gmail and Hotmail who hold a large majority of users.

So for all you Amigans out there, the answer to Yahoo mail using YAM is simple. If you want it then you will have to cough up $19 for a year’s subscription that will give you POP3 support. Otherwise you will have to use Ibrowse and log in via the web interface.

Yahoo =1 – BMV =0


Sorry guys





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