Virgin Media Superhub Setting IP Address

Some time ago Virgin media began upgrading customers with their new combo router/modem “Superhub”, a re-badged Netgear CG3101D. Unlike previous models, this was the first model with router abilities. In the past customers had to buy their own routers to hook it up to the cable modem provided by Virgin Media. The CG3101D tries to save you the trouble and to some extent it succeeds, if not a little clumsily. Sadly Netgear has been lobotomised by Virgin Media, in an effort to clamp down on the amount of customers screwing with their internet connection settings. By dumbing down the built in firmware, they hope to minimise the damage as well as the time it takes to get you back online.

Offensive Simplicity

Now this sounds like a great idea, but the fact is the Superhub is anything but that. I’ve read one person compare it to the freebies found in boxes of cereal and they aren’t wrong. The firmware is simplistic and oppressively restrictive to any one who is remotely tech savvy.

In most cases the firmware can be avoided by switching the Superhub in to modem only mode, thus disabling the router half of the device, leaving it up to you to pick your own router to get the job done of networking your machines. Now if you do not have the luxury of doing this, the Superhub can get the job done if you can persevere with the firmware. After the last rites where given to my Linksys, I found myself doing just that. Setting up your internet on the Superhub is as easy as it gets, but configuring the device to work how YOU want is another thing. One major issue I hit was setting the Superhub to the same IP address as the old Linksys, my whole network was after all configured for When you try to set the hub to this address it comes back and tells you the address is reserved and there is no apparent way of setting the secondary address to anything else. So how to get round this? Well if your router is running firmware V2.38.01 like mine, then you can do the following:

Set your IP to and let the Superhub reset, once it has cycled you might need to disconnect your Ethernet cable. Leave it several minutes and reconnect the cable, this will re-establish your network connection to the router with a new IP address from the router. You could also use the IP config DOS command, but I leave the choice to you.

Log back in to the router and go back to the section where you altered the IP address, change the address so it reads This time the router should not error as the secondary IP address has been changed sufficiently to free up the IP we want. Click apply and the router will cycle again, but this time it will reboot with the correct IP address. You will need to disconnect the cable a final time and finally the router will be working on the right address.

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