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One of the features of WordPress, is it’s statistical display and how you can see what visitors have entered in to search engines, leading to them arriving at your blog. While glancing over the entries, I saw many where coming to ByteMyVdu for Amiga Wi-Fi help, Minecraft blackscreen issues and Gameboy screen problems.

One entry which caught my eye, was Amiga ebook manuals. Its not something I’ve really covered on this site and I had to have a think why. The only reason I could come up with, was that, I like many others who still use these computers already know how to operate them, but what if i didn’t? Would I know how to hook an A500 up? or that AGA games wont work on an A500? If the retro community is to keep going, then making the life of the first timer a little easier, is certainly one way to go about it.amigaos31-dos-manual

So for that reason, I shall be including the odd link here and there with manuals, magazines to Amiga’s and other vintage hardware.

For now I leave you with the link below

I wasn’t able to find the author of the site, but they deserve high praise for gathering such a wealth of information.

If your searching for a user manual for a specific Amiga system, you couldn’t do better then looking here

I highly recommend a thorough look over the site and not to grab your books and dash.

The name pretty much sums up this site very well. With online guides for several games, as well as high resolutions posters covering several platforms, your spoiled for choice. If after all that you are still not fully satisfied, the owner of this great site, has seen fit to provide you lucky so’n’so’s with the most complete collection of Amig
imagesa Format magazines to date. So unless you already owned them the first time around, it’s worth visiting this site and grabbing a copy. Amiga Format was THE Amiga magazine for most in the 90’s, each month coming with a cover disk or two and later a CD. Once a month you would find teenagers around the UK, sitting quietly reading their copy at school or home. Sucking in the latest news and reviews. while trying to figure out what game to grab the next time down the high street. Back then there where plenty of independent stores, such as Electronics Boutique, Gemsoft and Just Micro to name a few.logo-amiga-format

Now go grab yourself a copy of Amiga Format, chill out and feel the nostalgia man!


Till next time, keep it nerdy!

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  1. Wow! This is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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