Time For Some Nostalgia

“Get On The Game Grid User!”

As this blog deals with vintage and other wise rather retro topics, I thought I would post something a little different today.

How about a fully fledged flash game that rewind time to 1984? Oh you like that do you? ok, ok stop shaking your head like that, you might injure yourself! Without further delay, I present you with Tron: Lightcycle Challenge. So get one your bike and battle the MCP! This game is fun and difficult, but no more so then your average arcade game from the 80’s. It only seems hard now, because video games have more emphasis on graphics then gameplay. Sad but true, hence why there are so many retro gamers 🙂

Lightcycles is amazing, the intro featuring the cabinet is enough to make me want one in my living room. Raise your hand if you ever wanted a Pac-Man or Space Invaders unit, glowing in a corner of your house. Beckoning you to insert another coin? I hope you all have fun with this flash game, if it proves popular, I will start making is a regular thing.

Please follow the link for some Lightcycle Action

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