New old things in the post!!


Over the weekend I was on ebay looking at video cards, low profile PCI-E cards that will fit inside the Nomad, to replace the bog standard on board Intel 945GM. It’s a great little video chip, but it can’t handle much in the way of gaming. So time to find something that will do a better job, such as the  Nvidia 8400GS 256mb which I found on ebay for the staggering price of £10!

Ok it’s a dated video card and not really aimed at heaving gaming, but lets face it with an intel core2 duo 1.66mhz, my expectations are not that high. However, a half decent game of Fallout3 would not be that bad!

Also in the post I have received a copy of Klax for the Atari Lynx, expect a review and screen shots. Plus some information on where you can get your Lynx fixed for around £10 and get back good as new.
Keep on geeking!

One Comment on “New old things in the post!!”

  1. Congratulations! 🙂

    Fallout 3 should run OK I think on lower settings. That game is quite nice for what it is, although I was very sceptical when it was released. I hoped they would use isometric 3D, like in Fallout 1 & 2, back then. Also played New Vegas which was great fun.

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