Battling the Beeb


For the past few months I have been trying to nail down an annoying fault which has developed in the BMV’s BBC micro. Because of my health and the weather, I have not been able to look at it as much as i might have liked. However last weekend, I was able to get my nose inside the micro to take a look. One suggestion given to me was to reduce the Beebs memory to 16k. By means of switching a jumper on the motherboard. This would determine whether or not the fault was indeed ram related. Disable half the beebs memory i found the beeb to be almost useless with the software i had, all except Wordwise. Which is one of the roms built in to the micro and also the software I use to write blogs for BMV.

Running a memory test I had typed out in BASIC. The test came back fine, reporting no errors at all. Which would indicate the fault is with one of the ram modules in the upper 16k of the beebs memory.

For the time being while the beeb is fixed. The Nomad will be taking over, which is ok. As the Nomad can run the same software as the BBC through emulation.

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