Amiga Theme’d Blog Part 2

July 27, 2012

In last weeks blog we saw an awful lot about the Amiga, well I’m happy to reveal today’s blog is a continuation of the same theme. For the past week I have dragged the A3000 out from mothballs for a shake down and setup. After attending the last meeting of the Lincolnshire Amiga Group, I’d spent the best part of that event installing Workbench 3.9, MUI and MiamiDX. All in preparation for getting the A3k online. However as with anything, life got in the way and the A3k was put on a back burner until i had the time to work on it some more. Over the past year since receiving the A3000, I’ve upgraded the fast ram to 16mb and also installed a Zorro II Picasso II video card and X-surf network card . A lot of upgrades for a little computer. My intention was to make the A3000 a useful desktop computer. Which all these upgrades have gone a long way to fulfilling.

Over the past week, I have discovered the A3000’s stock 030/25mhz CPU is sadly holding the system back, even drawing the icon’s in Workbench is a slow process to witness. No where near as snappy as my A1200 /030 or my A1200T with it’s Blizzard 060/50. Something has to be done, which is why I’m hoping in the next few weeks to have an A3640 CPU board installed in the A3000. Before some of you start nodding your heads and saying what a great idea. This excellent plan does have one slight niggle. You may recall earlier when I mentioned the memory upgrade. This upgrade happens to goes pretty much where the CPU card needs to be installed. Which means, I can either have 16mb of ram or an 040 processor.
Unless that is, I can come up with a solution. Amigakit do happen to sell a ram Zorro II board with 128mb of ram. The down side is that like any new Amiga hardware, it’s rather pricey at £75!

I’ll be sure to post back more about this as it develops

In other news, the BBC micro has sadly developed a fault, which could be a faulty ram module. Sadly determining exactly was is wrong and fixing it, is proving extremely difficult. The BBC might be a simple computer by today’s standards, however the microchips and circuits which make up the workings of the computer are still complex when it comes to understanding faults when they occur. At least the fault should be repairable, which is certainly more then one could do if a modern computer developed the same symptoms. Modern computers are repairable only on the most limited scale, promoting a more remove and replace policy. If the BBC proves to costly to repair, the A3000 will most likely replace it as the ByteMyVDU workhorse. Which is providing today’s blog as it happens, using Final Copy. It has to be said typing with FC is certainly a lot easier then using Wordwise on the BBC. One thing I did find difficult on the BBC was typing, the keyboard is laid out differently to a normal Amiga or PC keyboard and takes a moment to adjust to. In last weeks blog I typed the blog out on the Nomad via an Amiga Emulator. Strangely enough the overall display and experience isn’t that different. However unlike the Nomad, getting blogs online is a little easier via its internet connection, without the need for ADF’s or ADF extraction software.
Amiga Emulators are great, the serve a purpose. If you want the true Amiga experience, get yourself an Amiga. They can be picked up for as little as £5-10 and are worth every penny for a trip to nostalgia land.


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