“Atari Lynx”

Recently I bought an Atari Lynx II on Ebay. Listed as not working, I took a gamble at the chance of being able to repair it. So it’s not suprising how chuffed I was when it arrived and turned out to be working.

Sadly however this was to be sort lived. Lasting only a week the Lynx gave up the will to live. After a little researching online and also a prodding around inside the console. I concluded a MOSFET inside the Lynx was responsible. This particular MOSFET is renowned for blowing. At present there are only two Atari Lynx repair video’s on Youtube, covering this problem. That i know of, at the moment.

Having bought a replacement part, I tried repairing the Lynx. Sadly without success. It’s a real shame to be sure as I was really enjoying owning one of these handheld console finally. As i now own two games and a rechargable power pack for the Lynx. I shall be looking for a replacement, while at the same time. Seeking a means of repairing the currently dead unit. Sadly there doesn’t seem to be anyone refurbishing these devices, unlike the Game Gear.

So watch this space,

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