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Retro Gaming


So for the past few days i’ve been playing around with games on the Nomad, first Quake, Beebem and then my back catalog of old PC games, such as Broken Sword, Star Wars Shadow Empire. I’ve been pretty impressed with the overall performance i’ve been getting from the little computer. However i think World of Warcraft was pushing it a little to far, with an astounding 7fps with all the settings on low. This didn’t come as a shock to me as i have run Wow on my HP mini Netbook and had a similar performance.

Beebem run’s like a dream, i’ve get to master the emulator properly, but over all games are pretty fun. I will post up some video’s at a later date. It dawned on my over the weekend, that i could star reviewing old games on Linux and how i go about getting them to work. I am by no means an expert when it comes to the OS, but like many, i’m slowly attempting the migration from Windows to this amazing, open source operating system.

In the next few weeks i will make a few blogs regarding the gaming scene for Linux or at least the distro which i am using. Which is Lubuntu, a lighter variant of Ubuntu.




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