Linux MineCraft – Black screen after update

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So unless you have been sleeping under a rock on a desert island, you will have heard of Minecraft. A game that has been gaining momentum in leaps and bounds and reinforced that a good game does not require life like graphics to be a hit. In an environment that wouldn’t look to out of place from a game in the mid 90’s, Minecraft sets you in a blocky, pixel world. Think computer lego for adults and you wouldn’t be far off, it’s simply a blast to play. Appealing to young and old.

Now if you are playing Minecraft on a Windows machine, your gaming experience will probably be fine. However Linux can require a little more effort, depending on the distro you are running. The Nomad box is running Lubunto which i have been finding to be a really stable, useful distro of Linux. Not full of the bells and whistles of Ubuntu, but it gets the job done and does not over task the limited system resources.

But that did not stop me from encountering a serious issue with Mincraft this evening. “Would you like to update?” The game asked me politely. Heck why not, i’ve not played for some months, i’m probably well out of date. So a quick update later and i have…..a black screen. Great! So i knew this was probably a Java issue as i’d read of people having problems. But hadn’t hit anything myself, until tonight.

A quick search online provided the following fix, which worked for me. As always, follow the guide slowly and pay attention and you should be fine.

Original Black Screen Fix link


1) Download Maverik Java Monkey Engine libraries



2) Extract the Debian package

32bit: dpkg -x liblwjgl-java-jni_2.4.2+dfsg-3_i386.deb /tmp/lwjgl

64bit: dpkg -x liblwjgl-java-jni_2.4.2+dfsg-3_amd64.deb /tmp/lwjgl

3) Move to Minecraft folder

# mv /tmp/lwjgl/usr/lib/jni/ ~/.minecraft/bin/natives

4) Download Java Monkey Engine binary package

5) Extract Java Monkey Engine binary pacakge and change to its folder

# unzip && cd jME2_0_1-StableDistribution/jME2_0_1-StableDistribution/

6) Replace jar files in the Minecraft folder

# mv lib/lwjgl/jinput.jar ~/.minecraft/bin/

# mv lib/lwjgl/lwjgl.jar ~/.minecraft/bin/

# mv lib/lwjgl/lwjgl_util.jar ~/.minecraft/bin/

7) Copy library files to the Minecraft folder

# mv lib/lwjgl/native/linux/lib*.* ~/.minecraft/bin/natives

8) Launch minecraft

# java -jar .minecraft/minecraft_name.jar

Pick a nickname (for LAN Server games), Login with blank credentials and select “Play offline”


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