AROS – Musings



Recently I have been looking at the AROS Research Operating System. As some of my readers will know, i do like my Amiga’s. I currently on the look out for a new video card for my A3000. When i find one, expect to see a review of the installation. In the mean time, i thought it was about time i sampled the newer Amiga inspired operating systems. Especially after using the Amiga 1200 online and discovering how limited my browsing was with the dated Ibrowse software.

So in the coming week i plan to try out the AROS liveCD on the Nomad and see how we get one 😀


One Comment on “AROS – Musings”

  1. Do you have any specific video card in mind for the Amiga 3000?

    I haven’t tried AROS for years, but it looks like it is getting a lot of updates these dates. Are you going to make a post about your impressions of AROS after trying it out? Would be interesting to read. 🙂

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