Heaven, I’m in blinkie heaven!

Success!! After the not so successful first attempt at constructing a voltage dropping circuit last week, i purchased a full set of replacement components, hoping a second attempt would prove more fruitful.

Yesterday I replaced the regulator and 120 ohm resistor which proved to have blown, most likely because I cooked them when my soldering iron decided to have a moment and wouldn’t reach proper temperature. Armed now with a soldering iron from the 70’s and looking not so dissimilar to a ray gun (Thanks dad!). I quickly swappws out the faulty parts with new and began testing the circuit. 4.64volts, not the 2.88volts I had been hoping for, something was a miss.
Quickly hopping on IRC I sought the some advice from Thrashbarg, hoping that perhaps he would (A.) be awake, as he lives in the states and (B.) Be able to give some input.

In the end we used Tinychat to video conference, so that Thrashbarg was able to observe me testing the circuit and direct me to area’s he wanted to examine himself. As HAL might say from Space Odyssey, “it can only be a attributed to human error.” I soon realised I had not been connecting the circuit up correctly, like a clutz i had been neglecting to wire up the ground. As soon as this was done, the multimeter flashed up with a satisfying reading of 2.88 volts, reducing the 5.04volts that was being put in to it, SUCCESS!!

With the circuit working, I took it downstairs and installed it within the case, wiring it to the front panel the next step was supplying power. With some trepidation, I powered the ITX board and checked the voltage coming down the power lines and then in to the circuit. 5v was being dropped to 2.88v as intended, splendid! However the front panel wasn’t actually doing anything, it was dead. Flicking the Aux switch on the front, i realised why.  The PCB that drives the LED’s is from a bicycle light and like any light circuit, there is an on and off.

So i hope you enjoy the video, the next phase will be to tidy up the case and get Lubuntu installed.

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