Set backs with the Macintosh Plus

After retrieving the sorry looking Plus from the loft and removing it from the bag I had placed it inside. I sat down in the kitchen with the old friend on the work top, full of hope that once I was through, the little black and white screen would be firing back in to life.

Sadly after an hour of soldering a replacement cap on C1 there was no signs that I had succeeded. Just as dead as before, I sense something far more serious has befallen the analogue board. While I sit and wait for a replacement (sourcing has already begun) I plan to return to my guides and PDF’s.

Hopefully another glance in them, may reveal why my repair job was such a flop.



2 Comments on “Set backs with the Macintosh Plus”

  1. I don't adhere to naming conventional standards. says:

    What ever happened to this? I want to see the revived MAC!!!!!

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