Set backs with the Macintosh Plus

After retrieving the sorry looking Plus from the loft and removing it from the bag I had placed it inside. I sat down in the kitchen with the old friend on the work top, full of hope that once I was through, the little black and white screen would be firing back in to life.

Sadly after an hour of soldering a replacement cap on C1 there was no signs that I had succeeded. Just as dead as before, I sense something far more serious has befallen the analogue board. While I sit and wait for a replacement (sourcing has already begun) I plan to return to my guides and PDF’s.

Hopefully another glance in them, may reveal why my repair job was such a flop.


Reviving the Mac Plus



Later today I intend on repairing the Classic Macintosh Plus which i have sitting in the attic. With some luck it is a simple fix to the analogue board, popping a capacitor off and replacing it with a new, more reliable version.Macintosh Plus

Watch this space to see how i get on..



Beginning of ByteMyVdu

Welcome to my new blog site on Word press.

Hopefully in the coming months I intend to use this space for publishing my general tinkering and messing with computers. Be it the latest bit of kit that has landed on my door or some archaic relic from decades past, which is in dire need of TLC. Which ever the case may be, they shall be covered here.

Hopefully the solutions to some of the problems I face, will be of help others coming here, after searching online, seeking help.